Manufacturing Intelligence

Intelligence Software brings the same revolution to your plant data as what Microsoft Word
did to documents, allowing anyone to work with information intuitively.

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Wonderware Manufacturing Intelligence dashboard

Why Manufacturing Intelligence?

Due to the exponential growth of data (Internet of Things) industrial companies are struggling to translate their data retrieved from many different data sources into information. Manufacturing Intelligence software provides information about the plants performance to all levels of the organization.

Why Wonderware?

With over 25 years of proven experience in industrial automation we like to help you to be the best in class. By giving you valuable insights in your industrial data to optimize your production process.


Manufacturing Intelligence Software puts you in control of your operational performance! Say goodbye to static reporting and start analysing your industrial data today.

Data Analysis

Discover insights in your industrial data by using self-service analytics. Easy analysis by drag-and-drop technology.


Create intuitive dashboards to share information within your organisation. Deliver role-based information to all required organization levels.

Data Transformation

Transform your industrial data sources into valuable information. Connect natively to historian data sources and link them to other databases.


Wonderware continuous improvment model

The value of Intelligence

Intelligence software helps to complete the circle of Continuous Improvement. In line with digitalization and the Industry 4.0 movement, Intelligence software brings data collected from the control- and MES level together.

Transform your (big) data into information.
Self service Manufacturing Intelligence and ad-hoc analysis.
One single truth of information for everyone.
Deliver role-based information to your organization.
Standardized configurable solution.


These demo dashboards give an impression about how you can visualize your data with Intelligence Software. Navigate through the dashboards by using the tab's on top.

Wonderware Manufacturing Intelligence Alarm Dashboard
Alarm Dashboard
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Wonderware Manufacturing Intelligence Overall Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard
OEE Dashboard
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Wonderware Manufacturing Intelligence Corporate Energy Management Dashboard
Energy Dashboard
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Like to see a live demo on your own industrial data?

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how to translate your industrial data into valuable information.

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